Jr. Startup

Jr. Startup WordleYoung Entrepreneurs. Big Ideas.

Jr. Startup is a platform to encourage and facilitate youth entrepreneurship in our communities and schools.

We seek to education and promote the importance of including entrepreneurship and business ownership as a career cluster.

To build the next generation, it is important that we provide the freedom for creative thinking and innovation.  Teaching these young bright minds how to developing their ideas into viable concepts is a necessary life skill.   Entrepreneurial skills are transferable to any profession and industry.

In 2014, we will be offering Jr. Startup seminars for organizations interested learning more about youth entrepreneurship and how to add this valuable skill to their school’s curriculum.

The mission of Jr. Startup is support and encourage our young entrepreneurs and to develop mentor based communities to help them develop their ideas.

We also are expanding our focus to include working with organizations and school administrators on how establish and grow entrepreneurial communities by creating classes and Jr. Startup Meetup groups.

Jr. StartupIn Dallas, we host Jr. Startup Meetup which meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at   are currently scheduling speakers for 2014 to join us in our Fireside chats on developing ideas. 

Our goal is to support these young adults ambitious, creative thinkers who seek more; they want to learn and gain the experience of going from napkin to market in the real world.

 Jr. Startup was created and launched by Tiffany Sunday, Founder and President of Dillon 5 LLC.