Jr. Startup

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Jr. Startup’s mission is to provide guidance and support to children and teen entrepreneurs.

Today, more students than ever before are launching businesses before they graduate high school.  The Internet has greatly reduced the barriers for developing and selling new products.

Our goal is to educate and promote the importance entrepreneurship and business ownership as a career option for students.

Jr. Startup includes all forms of entrepreneurship from the tech industry to owning a retail business.

To develop the next generation of entrepreneurs, it is important that we provide freedom for creative thinking and innovation. Teaching these young, bright minds how to developing their ideas into viable concepts is a necessary life skill. Entrepreneurial skills are transferable to any profession and industry.

In 2014, we will be offering Jr. Startup seminars for organizations interested learning more about youth entrepreneurship and how to add this valuable skill to their school’s curriculum.

We also are expanding our focus to include working with organizations and school administrators on how establish and grow entrepreneurial communities by creating classes and Jr. Startup Meetup groups in other cities.

Jr. Startup

Jr. Startup is working with Dallas area schools and non-profit organizations to create summers camps in 2015 and offer startup weekend events for young entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to support these young ambitious, students who seek to develop their ideas into viable products and/or start a new business.