Jr. Startup

Teen Entrepreneurship Announcement and News!

Lots of changes for Jr. Startup in 2015.

Two new books will be published the first half of the year:

Jr. Startup and Teen Entrepreneurship – How to Start A Business Before College


Dyslexic Teen Entrepreneurship – How to Use the Value of Dyslexia to Start a Business Before College

Both books will be pre-sold via a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe in the Spring 2015.

From April 2013 – August 2014, Brandon and I hosted the Jr. Startup monthly Meetup Group in Dallas, Texas.  During this time, I was amazed by the talent and knowledge by these young entrepreneurs.

Their energy and problem solving skills were inspiring!

While the group learned from our visiting mentors, we also learned from these bright entrepreneurs.

One more bit of news,  last month I closed Dillon 5’s consulting practice to launch a new tech startup.  I am excited to announce that Jr. Startup will be part of the new venture.

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I am looking forward 2015 and the launch of our new business.

A special thank you goes to Improving Enterprises and our mentors for helping make Jr. Startup Meetup a success!

Best Wishes,

Tiffany Sunday